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Styling a Hot Cocoa Station

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I love Tiers! The Towers! Whatever they are called. I can't get enough of them.It seems so overwhelming to style, but I stopped salivating over the Pinterest posts and gathered all of the things I already had.

It was way easier than expected. You just have to keep playing around until you love it. I'll admit, I only liked it at first, but then I found a few things at my shop and at Johnston's Gift Garden Home, that completed the look I was going for. I had been saving (ok maybe semi-hoarding) all of the cute containers and jars, some mismatched Christmas things (a broken snowman set of salt and pepper shakers, now has become a cinnamon shaker), ribbons and ALL the things that could work.

A Party without Cake is just a Meeting!

XO billie

#CocoaStation #TowerDecor #TierDecor #Christmas #HomeDecor

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