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I was a Quitter

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Goals . . . Resolutions . . . Word of the Year . . . whatever your thing is when January rolls around and all of those "life changers" you are supposed to list starts haunting you.

What motivates you?

I always have been a list maker. I LOVE Love love checking off the box! Sometimes if I have done something not on my list, I will add it just to mark that box! Silly? Perhaps. But accomplishing things is my jam. It's important to my well-being, so I have done this forever. But in areas I have wanted to change (good habits, health, drinking water, exercising, etc), I have always given up, gotten too busy or just plain quit - e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e.

Recently (9/18), I decided that I was ready to make a real change. I didn't want to wait for the inevitable New Year and its list of resolutions and goals (ie. failed attempts at my priorities). What would I do differently this time? How could I make these changes that were important to me without failing?

I decide to participate in the #last90days challenge and made a commitment to myself that I was just as important as my business, my customers, my family, my nonprofit, etc . . . and that I ​could, no I WOULD not wait for 2019 to implement these habits to become the best version of me.

Those who know me, know I am not normally a quitter. Hardworking, dedicated, tenacious, persevering - those are words some have used when describing me. I am definitely not a quitter. No, not me, not a quitter, except when it comes to myself.

That would be the shift. That me, myself and I would become just as important as all the other balls I am juggling in the air to accomplish and that this time I would Not Quit Myself.

And that was my pivotal point. I committed to myself to find the best version of me.

It wasn't easy. It wasn't even remotely easy. I wasn't perfect. Some things didn't happen every day. But every day I started out fresh and propelled the idea that by not quitting myself . . . what is the worse thing that would happen? Every time I have wanted to give up, sleep in, skip the yoga, not drink any more water, make my bed, journal something I'm grateful about . . . whatever was on my list, I would NOT quit myself.

And today, 4 months later. . . I am a better version of myself.

I enjoy getting up an hour earlier to start the day, MY way.

I drink half my body weight in (ounces) of water.

I have lost 30 lbs by quitting sugar (I was addicted).

Gratitude journaling has become my "sugar"

I exercise for 30 minutes a day

I happily make my bed in the morning.

And the procrastination that I "lived" for and taunted me daily on my lists - and rarely got checked off - is now a thing of the past.

❤️❤️You are worth it. Don't quit yourself ❤️❤️

A Party without Cake is just a Meeting!

XO billie

#2019goals #slaying2019 #Dontquityourself

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