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Let's Party!

Birthdays don't have to be high maintenance to feel magical. Keep it simple with some of these DIY ideas.

  • Do the entertaining yourself. Not every party needs a party motivator (YES, this is a real THING). Hiring an entertainer can rack up the bucks. Enlist the help of your crazy Aunt or fun Friend who can always create a good time.

  • For little ones, take a trip to your local secondhand/“vintage” store and put together a costume of your own. Parents make great magicians, clowns, story tellers and superheroes.

  • Taking kids to a sporting event costs a ton. Hire a high school athelete to run an afternoon of fun drills instead (BONUS - your kid(s) will sleep like rockstars later).

  • Photo booths are amazing, yet spendy - create your own studio with a back drop (6 Degrees has lots of new themed paper props, and plastic backdrops), a digital camera (phone) and a color printer…. (or you can upload images to a private group on FB/Snapchat/Instagram).

  • Make a backyard bowling alley. Add a few drops of food coloring to ten clear plastic bottles of water. Stand them up on flat ground, use party streamers as lane margins, and score a strike for saving cash.

  • Forget the amusement park. Take the party to your neighborhood park and give each child an admission armband. Serve amusement-park food and lemonade, set up a tattoo booth and face painting station.

  • Create your own at-home movie theater. Give each child an admission ticket and invite the kids to visit the concession stand for popcorn, gummy candies and juice, etc. On summer nights, save up boxes and create a backyard drivein. Have kids decorate their "car".

  • Pinterest can be a friend or foe. It's great for gathering ideas, but don't set yourself up for over-the-top expectations. Remember if the person in charge isn't having any fun, your kiddo may sense that and feel stressed too.

  • Go with the flow. Having a crazy timeline doesn't always work with lots of personalities. In all my years as an Event & Wedding Planner, I have arrived at the conclusion that: Adults + Timeline = mostly manageable chaos Kids + Timeline = total chaos

Cherish the memories to be made and Celebrate the moments ❤️

A Party without Cake is just a Meeting!

xo billie

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